Scarcity and Risk

Scarcity and Cost

Grab Bag: Dependencies, Illustrations & Story Arcs

Scarcity and Value

Part One: how everything fits together so far

Variety, Abundance, and Slow versus Fast Evolution

Strategic Scarcity: Addendum

Strategic Scarcity

Integral Scarcity, Part 2: Complexity, Leverage, Agency and Compliance

Positional Scarcity


Integral Scarcity: Where the Sausage Gets Made

Updated Chapter & Posting list

Revised outline: feedback welcome

Abundance: the Mindset of Frictionless Consumption

Birthday Post (Subscriber Issue)

Week off

Adoption: How does Technology Enter the World?

Technology: More with Less

Outline: Chapters 2a, 2b, 3 and 4


A book, published week by week, about Silicon Valley's giant land grab to reinvent scarcity and own the future.